Property Maintenance 

When you move in, ask who manages your property.
If the property is managed by the agent, they are likely to be the person to contact during your tenancy. If any maintenance issues occur, they will either talk you through a solution, visit the property themselves or get in touch with the Landlord to talk about the costs and works needed to be done.

If your property is managed by the Landlord, you will be given their name and contact details, and any issues you have you should contact them directly.

Stewarts Estates strongly recommend that if anything is in need of repair in the property, you contact either the agent or landlord straight away instead of waiting for your next property inspection. This may prevent the situation getting worse and potentially affecting your deposit.

Paying rent

In your tenancy agreement it should clearly state when your rent is due to be paid each month and how you go about paying it, ie. bank details and reference number. As your tenancy agreement is a legally binding contract, you should ensure you pay your rent on time. If for any reason it will not be on time, contact your landlord/agent as far in advance as possible to discuss your possibilities, before any unnecessary action is taken against you.

Property Inspections

If your property is managed by the Agent, you are likely to have regular inspections of the property carried out by a member of the team. This gives Stewarts Estates a chance to check on how the property is being cared for on the landlords behalf. It is to ensure the property is maintained in a good condition for you, the tenant, to live in. 

If the property is managed by the landlord, they may also visit the property to inspect the condition.

In either case, the landlord or agent should give you written notice before visiting the property.

What happens as you near the end of your tenancy?

As your tenancy comes near the end, your agent or landlord will be in touch with you. They will discuss with you if your landlord is happy for you to renew or not to then find out what you would like do next, continue with your stay or move out. If they're not in touch, then feel free to give us a call on 01202 805050 to discuss your options.

What happens if you know you want to move out at the end of your tenancy?

If you let Stewarts Estates know at least 1 month before the end of your fixed term that you may want to move out. If you can give us more notice then that would be greatly appreciated. When moving out, you will need to leave the property clean and tidy with all the furnishings in their original position. This will help with the return of your deposit. If you are in need of a professional cleaner, then give us call on 01202 805050 and we can put you in touch with someone to help.