You want to sell or rent out your home in Bournemouth, Christchurch or Poole and want to get the best value for it but don't know how? Stewart's Estates wanted to give you several tips to try and maximise your property to get the best out of it.

1. Depersonalise the d├ęcor

When potential buyers or tenants come to view your property they want to imagine themselves in the property and their belongings. Neutral, light coloured paint on the walls make it easy for the potential owners to imagine themselves putting their own personal touch to the property. This in turn will make the property more appealing. 

Also for Landlords, the more neutral and less chaotic your property, the easier it is for you to spot any damage at the end of your tenants tenancy.

2. Clean thoroughly

This is essential.

If you have a deep clean before a tenant moves in, the tenant will have to keep the property in the same state during the tenancy.

Set high standards to maintain high standards.

3. Check your plumbing

As a Landlord, your main priority is to keep your tenants safe! Therefore, before your tenants move in, ensure all your plumbing's are safe and fit for use.

4. Tidy the garden

When your focused on the inside of your property, don't forget to neglect the garden. Ensure your garden is neat, tidy and rubbish free, and that the grass is cut. Like with the inside of your property. Set a high standard so the tenants have to maintain to the same standard.

5. Get spare keys cut

Before starting the process of going to a letting agent, it is a good idea to get some spare keys cut. Stewarts Estates recommends you have the following sets of keys.

1 or 2 sets for the tenants you will be letting your property to.
1 set of keys for yourself.
1 set of keys for your estate agents to allow them to conduct viewings.

6. Information pack for tenants

This can be a nice touch for your new tenants and could include things like instructions for the appliances (make sure they are photocopies as you wouldn't want to lose yours) and leaflets on rubbish/recycling collection days.

7. EPC 

This is an Energy Performance Certificate and it is compulsory for you to have one and provide a copy to your tenants. When you have the certificate done, it is valid for 10 years. Failing to have an EPC done and be able to provide the certificate can lead to a fine.